Cuvage Metodo Classico
Asti Millesimato


Moscato bianco

Alc. vol.


Area of origin

Monferrato. The vineyards are located on the hilly ridge that goes from Alice Bel Colle to Santo Stefano Belbo passing through the amazing hills of Mombaruzzo, located at an altitude between 250 and 400 meters above sea level. A large part of the lands that give life to our Cuvée are characterized by clear calcareous marl while the minor part has a strong sandy component. The different microclimates affected by this selection of must offer a complete photograph of the expressions of the Moscato bianco. Training system: Guyot • Plant density: 4000-4500 vines per hectare • Average production: 85 quintals of grapes per hectare • Average age of vines: 23 years


Argilloso Limoso Sabbioso


Harvest takes place at the beginning of September with only whole bunches placed in cases


Permanence on the yeasts minimum of 18 months • Ageing in bottle for minimum of 6 months.

Tasting notes

Straw yellow color with golden reflexions and a fine perlage. The froth is persistent and softly embraces the glass while maintaining a unique crunchy texture. At the first taste you may find notes such as brioche, freshly baked bread, and short bursts of the classical aroma of the grape. As the wine acclimates in the glass, aromas evolve into a wide bouquet made of white flowers, acacia flowers, vanilla and white pepper. The fruity sensations are highlighted by golden apple and fresh hazelnuts. The mineral characteristics complete the fragrance of the wine. On the palate it is round, very rich, with a pleasantly evolved finish.

Food pairings

In addition to the classic pairing with desserts, this wine pairs well with strong blue cheese or spicy international flavors like green curry, or Korean barbecue. Serve at 4-6°C.

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